Model year: 2024

Engine type: Perf. Line Smart System

Battery capacity: 500 Wh

Maximum power assistance: 25 km/h

Frame type

Frame size


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About the manufacturer:

The Riese&Müller is a classic garage company success story , which was founded in the early nineties. The company initially started with the production of a folding bicycle called Birdy. In 2013, they started producing electric bicycles with the ambition to create premium quality and long-lasting bicycles. With their distinctive frame designs and innovative way of thinking, they stood out from the mass-produced bicycle brands. This is how Riese & Müller has become one of the most unique premium bicycle brands today.

How to use the bike:

We recommend this bike for everyday urban transport and commuting. In winter, summer, rain, and dry weather, we can safely sit in the saddle, as the mudguard protects us from accumulated dirt and water. With the help of the front and rear lights, we will always be clearly visible even in poor visibility conditions. On the luggage rack, we can transport our everyday work tools in a bag or basket, weekend shopping, or even make the little ones fall in love with cycling with a child seat.

About the engine:

The Bosch the most powerful version of its third-generation engine with the Smart System system. The 75 Nm engine is 10 Nm stronger than its predecessor and can deliver 340% of human power. Due to its power, we recommend this motorcycle for any use, it can meet the needs of cyclists everywhere.

The display:

An improved version of the previous Kiox display. It contains countless information that can be accessed by browsing different pages. We can customize the pages, so we can display the information that is important to us. It can also be operated as navigation, which can be started via the Ebikeflow application. The display is non-reflective, so you can easily read the data from it at any time of the day.


On this page you can find all the instructions for the bicycles we sell.

And if you are wondering how many km you can cover, the Bosch range calculator can help you.< br />
Attention! The range calculator is basically made for Bosch systems, but by selecting a motor with a similar torque and a battery with a similar capacity, we can get an estimated value for other manufacturers' systems as well!

The image is an illustration only! Due to current spare parts supply problems, the specification of the bike may differ from the spare parts shown in the picture, but in all cases components of the same quality shall be installed. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues.