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Model year: 2023

Maximum power assistance: 45 km/h

Engine type: Perf. Sp.

Battery capacity: 625 Wh

Frame type

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About the manufacturer:

Riese&Müller is not the lowest price is competing for an electric bicycle prize. They want to sell the highest quality electric bikes that can be bought, and they do this very well in the category. High quality, comfort center, illustrative design, premium components. The ones listed later are the most characteristic features when we think of Riese&Müller.

How to use the bike:

This bike is recommended for both tours and urban use. Whether it's asphalt or rammed forest ground, you can slide safely with this bike. Its comfortable frame geometry allows us to cover longer distances without causing back pain. Thanks to its equipment, it can be used comfortably and safely at any time of the day or season.

About the engine:

Using Bosch Performance Line Speed we can speed up everyday life. The S Pedelec gives bicycles up to a speed of 45 km/h, so you can quickly reach high speeds and long distances are no longer a problem.

The display:

Beautiful design inside and out: The 3.2-inch high-resolution color touchscreen display combines smart functions with elegant design. The all-in-one on-board computer can be operated intuitively and simply via the touch screen or the control unit on the steering wheel, during our longer tours or short routine trips. The robust, easy-to-read display is prepared for all situations and all weather conditions. The new Nyon on-board computer - smarter, more intuitive and more communicative than any previous displays

General Information

On this page you can find all the instructions for the bicycles we sell.

And if you are wondering how many km you can cover, the Bosch range calculator can help you.< br />
Attention! The range calculator is basically made for Bosch systems, but by selecting a motor with a similar torque and a battery with a similar capacity, we can get an estimated value for other manufacturers' systems as well!

The image is an illustration only! Due to current spare parts supply problems, the specification of the bike may differ from the spare parts shown in the picture, but in all cases components of the same quality shall be installed. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues.