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Model year: 2022

Maximum power assistance: 45 km/h

Engine type: TQ

Battery capacity: 1100 Wh

Frame type

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About the manufacturer:

The unique M1 Sporttechnik's e-bikes are extremely popular among e-bike enthusiasts. They are characterized by the huge range of batteries, the extremely powerful TQ motor of SPITZING EVOLUTION and STERZING EVOLUTION, the impressive Brose drive of ERZBERG and ZELL, and the high-tech carbon composite frame used exclusively in the M1.

The 1990 was a pioneer in the bicycle segment. As a bicycle manufacturer, they specialize in the development, construction and sale of the highest quality carbon e-bikes. In 1994, they designed the first mountain bike with a carbon frame, the MAGMA RED HOT. The already legendary SPITZING has revolutionized the e-bike sector as the world's most powerful e-mtb bike since 2015.

How to use the bike:

This bike is primarily recommended for off-road use, for sports purposes. Since these bikes are not necessarily designed for everyday use, we do not find, for example, kickstands or fenders. , or lighting. It is important that if you want this bike for everyday use, you must purchase certain accessories in order to comply with the rules of the KRESZ.

About the engine:

Our most powerful bike ever, designed by the German TQ. With its torque of 120 Nm, which is 550% of human power, it takes us anywhere. The bike can be ordered with three speed limits: 25 km/h (Pedelec); 45 km/h (S-pedelec); 75 km/h (R-pedelec). You will find these markings in the name of the bicycles, so you can choose the right one for you. Important! S-pedelec bicycles are classified as mopeds, and R-pedelec bicycles cannot be used officially on public roads! For the detailed rules, feel free to contact our colleagues.

General Information

On this page you can find all the instructions for use for the bicycles we sell.

And if you are wondering how many km you can cover, Bosch range calculator can help you.

Attention! The range calculator is basically designed for Bosch systems, but by choosing a motor with a similar torque and a battery with a similar capacity, we can get an estimate for other manufacturers' systems as well!

The image is an illustration only! Due to current spare parts supply problems, the specification of the bike may differ from the spare parts shown in the picture, but in all cases components of the same quality shall be installed. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues.