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Maximum power assistance: 25 km/h

Engine type: Perf. CX Smart System

Battery capacity: 750 Wh

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About the manufacturer:

The German manufacturer with nearly 60 years of experience can boast many cycling innovations. Their first electric bicycle was presented in 2013 and since then they have only focused on continuous development. Their outstanding design frames are not only beautiful, but thanks to their own FTE standard, they are also strong as befits an ebike. Anyone can find the right bicycle among the products of Corratec, as they make pedelec bicycles for a wide range of uses.

How to use the bike:

We recommend this bike primarily for forest and off-road use. The sporty frame geometry allows you to safely descend even on steep slopes. The telescope ensures smooth movement even on the roughest terrain. These bicycles are not equipped with fenders, luggage racks, or lights. If you want to use it for everyday use in the city, you should purchase certain accessories to comply with the requirements of the KRESZ.

About the engine:

The Bosch its most robust drive system already with Smart System. Light and compact design, you will hardly feel the resistance of the pedal. The CX provides powerful acceleration and reacts without delay. Up to 340% assistance maximizes the mountain biking experience.

The display:

Monochrome display made for the Bosch Smart System. Similar to the Intuvia display of the previous system, we can access a lot of information here, but compared to its predecessor, this display can now be paired with a phone.


On this page you can find all the instructions for use for the bicycles we sell.

And if you are wondering how many km you can cover, Bosch range calculator can help you.

Attention! The range calculator is basically designed for Bosch systems, but by choosing a motor with a similar torque and a battery with a similar capacity, we can get an estimate for other manufacturers' systems as well!

The image is an illustration only! Due to current spare parts supply problems, the specification of the bike may differ from the spare parts shown in the picture, but in all cases components of the same quality shall be installed. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues.