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Model year: 2023

Maximum power assistance: 25 km/h

Engine type: Perf. CX Smart System

Battery capacity: 750 Wh

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About the manufacturer:

The Corratec is an infinitely special German bicycle manufacturer with a very long history. With their characteristic frame shapes and solutions, they have always stood out from other manufacturers, which is why most people love these bikes. Their first electric bicycles were presented in 2013.

How to use the bike:

They are located between off-road and street machines. The 28″ wheel diameter is suitable for asphalt or moderately difficult terrain (forest path, dirt road). Comfortable and light, so it is best suited for long-distance trips. Most models have luggage racks and fenders.

About the engine:

The Bosch the most powerful engines turbocharged with the Smart System system. This fourth-generation 85 Nm motor is capable of 340% assistance, which is more than three times human power. With this drive unit, we can move easily anywhere, but we can use its power most on steep climbs. The resistance of the motor is zero, so it can be driven without any problems even with the power assist switched off or with a dead battery.

The display:

The well-known, mature Intuvia with a clean design and the Smart System. In the dismounted state, you can view the data of your last cycling trip on the display. Placed back in the middle of our steering wheel, it displays data such as the speed of our bike, the level of assistance, and the maximum distance traveled. In addition to the above, we can read countless other information necessary for our cycling on the display.. These data can be changed with the control on our left hand, so on the one hand our attention is constantly directed to the road, and the steering wheel is constantly, safely we can hold it with both hands.


On this page you can find all the instructions for use for the bicycles we sell.

And if you are wondering how many km you can cover, Bosch range calculator can help you.

Attention! The range calculator is basically designed for Bosch systems, but by choosing a motor with a similar torque and a battery with a similar capacity, we can get an estimate for other manufacturers' systems as well!

The image is an illustration only! Due to current spare parts supply problems, the specification of the bike may differ from the spare parts shown in the picture, but in all cases components of the same quality shall be installed. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues.